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BRACE Advisor, Pamela Kirtman
About NovaBRACE

About the Nova High School BRACE Office

The Broward Advisors for Continuing Education (BRACE) program is unique to the Broward County School System. There is a BRACE Advisor in every Broward County public high school! BRACE Advisors are postsecondary planning specialists who collaborate with School Counselors to help students realize their postsecondary aspirations.

Pamela Kirtman has been Nova High School's BRACE Advisor for more than 20 years.

Here are some things Mrs. Kirtman, your BRACE Advisor can help you with:

Your School Counselor can help you with personal issues, grades, course selection, schedule changes, credits and graduation requirements.

Nova High School's BRACE Office is dedicated to assisting high school students, specifically juniors and seniors plan for their lives after high school. Whether the plan is two- or four-year college, technical college, US. Military Service Academy admissions or U.S. Military enlistment, a Gap Year of Service, Apprenticeship or Direct Job Force Entry, your BRACE Advisor is here to help! 

Earning a college degree or technical certification/diploma helps people earn higher incomes. College and Career Training is possible for every type of  student! Nova's BRACE Advisor encourages students to keep open minds, explore all their options and have a plan in place BEFORE they graduate from high school.


The college application and admissions processes can be complex and sometimes stressful. BRACE Advisors help make things a little easier by advising students throughout the college application, admissions, selection and financial aid processes. They help students compile college lists, complete college applications, and help them decide the best path forward. One plan does not fit all!

Think you can't afford to go to college? Think again! There are many affordable options.

Through a combination of federal financial aid, scholarships, institutional aid and (sometimes) compromise, your dream of a college education can become a reality! While encouraging students to keep student and parent loan debt to a minimum, the BRACE Advisor is passionate about helping students find FREE MONEY by sharing scholarship opportunities and providing hands-on assistance with the federal and institutional financial aid process to students and their families. Nova's BRACE Advisor, Mrs. Kirtman sends scholarship information to students and their families based on results from the optional Student Information Survey. Each question on the Survey relates to a scholarship. Seniors are strongly encouraged to sign up for BRACE texts through


Undocumented? There's money to help you! BRACE Advisors are allies to all students!

Nova's BRACE Advisor has worked with tens of thousands of families! She helps students analyze college offers of financial aid and scholarships, request financial aid adjustments and and helps them choose the plan that works best for them and their families. This process involves self-reflection, honest dialogue between students and their families, flexibility and sometimes, compromise. 

It's not about where you go. It's what you do with your time wherever you wind up!



Senior Toolkit

Even if you have lots of Dual-Enrollment/AP/AICE credits, you are still considered a "Freshman First Time in College."

Check out Mrs. Kirtman's "Senior Toolkit!

It's full of timelines and documents to help answer many of the most common questions and walk you through many of the steps!

Applying to a Florida public university? Click here for links, application information and deadlines for all 12 institutions.

Are you State University of Florida-eligible?

Know where you stand. Check out Florida's public university Admissions Matrix to view stats stats on the mid-50% of students admitted from Class of 2022 and more.

Use Naviance Scattergrams to view your stats compared to recent Nova grads admitted to colleges/universities.

State University of Florida Matrix
SUS cover.PNG




August 1st:

  • Create your Common App and Coalition App accounts.

  • List your school counselor's name and email address correctly so s/he will receive recommendation and transcript requests.

  • Move schools from your Naviance "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list to the "Colleges I'm Applying To List". Need help? Ask Mrs. Kirtman!

  • Start your college applications. DO NOT wait for better grades or higher SAT/ACT scores! Apply, retake the tests and send new scores. Most colleges consider your grades from 9th - 11th grades. Need help? Ask Mrs. Kirtman

  • Make sure to apply to many different types of schools! Have plenty of safe schools on your list!

  • Ask teachers to write letters of recommendation only if needed. Provide a completed Brag Sheet to each recommender.


  • Apply for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) - Free Application for Federal Student Aid/FAFSA Opens!! Complete FAFSA as early as possible to get in line for first-come, first-served money, even if you think you won't qualify for financial aid.

  • Apply for Florida Scholarships and Grants (FFAA) - Florida Financial Aid Application/FFAA Opens! Complete the FFAA as early as possible to get in line for first-come, first-served money, even if you think you won't be eligible for any of the scholarships and grants--you never know! 

March 1st:

May 1st

  • National College Decision Day. Four-Year Colleges give you until this date to make your decision and place your enrollment deposit to reserve your spot.

Graduation Day, 2023 (graduation ceremony dates will be assigned by the district in early 2023)

  • Satisfy Bright Futures' GPA, test score, and community service hour requirements - You must complete the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA), earn a qualifying Bright Futures recalculated GPA, test scores (June scores count!) and the minimum required community service hours by graduation day in June! (Exception: Students earning AICE diplomas need 100 service hours and a completed FFAA)

June 2023

  • June SAT/ACT scores count! Satisfy Bright Futures' ACT/SAT test score requirements. You can still qualify for a Bright Futures Scholarship or even increase your award level with higher June test scores.

Important Dates
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